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Thumper + 4m Extension Hose

Thumper Max Air Compressor - Faster than a servo pump

How to Use Adventure Kings Kwiky Tyre Deflator

No other accessory will get you further off-road than the mighty 12v air compressor. Being able to tailor your vehicles tyre pressure to suit the terrain you’re driving is an absolute advantage in sand, on rocks and even on dirt roads to reduce risk of puncture. By carrying a heavy duty air compressor in your vehicle, emergency tyre issues are a thing of the past. Best of all, with 100’s of uses, the range of air compressors is just as handy around the home or campsite, as it is in your 4WD. To assist with purchasing the right Air Compressor for you, or if you have any questions about our products you can get in contact with us through info@adventurekings.com or call on 1800 88 39 64 during business hours

Air Compressors

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  1. Kings Thumper Max Dual Air Compressor MkII | 300L/min | 12v | 8m hose

    • Dual 60mm high speed reciprocating pistons for maximum output - High airflow rating of 300L/min

    • Aluminium cast cylinder heads with incorporated heat sinks

    • Inbuilt pressure switch which cuts power automatically to prevent over-pressure, plus circuit breaker and automatic thermal cut-out

    • Quick connect metal fittings and quick connect tyre chuck!

    • 8m heavy duty rubber hose with inline pressure gauge

    • Rugged alloy construction designed for Australian conditions

    Excl GST
  2. Kings Thumper Air Compressor MkIII | 160L/min | 12v | 8m hose

    • MASSIVE 160L/Min high-pressure output!t

    • Heavy-duty 60mm alloy piston

    • Solid alloy build with rubber-mounted base

    • 8m of included high-pressure air hose

    • Inc. air fittings & new quick-connect chuck

    Excl GST
  3. Kings 3in1 Ultimate Air Tool | Tyre Deflator | 1-60PSI Gauge | Quick-Action Inflator

    • Tyre deflator function

    • Large, easy to read and accurate 1-60psi Gauge

    • Connect to Thumper Max for tyre inflation function

    • Quality stainless steel and thick rubber construction

    Excl GST
  4. Kings Tyre Deflator | Kwiky | Fast & Accurate | Quick-Connect

    • Fastest way to deflate tyres offroad

    • Bourdon Tube gauge

    • Heavy duty rubber protection

    Excl GST
  5. Kings Tyre Gauge | Kwiky | Quick-Connect | Accurate | Reliable

    • 50mm easy to read gauge

    • Decompression valve

    • Rubberised brass case

    Excl GST
  6. Tyre Repair Kit | 47 Piece | For Tubed and Tubeless Tyres

    • Compact 47 piece kit

    • Repair most types of tyre or valve damage

    • Perfect for tubed and tubeless tyres

    Excl GST
  7. Kings 12v Air Compressor Extension Hose | 4m Long | For Thumper & Thumper Max

    • Heavy Duty high pressure rubber hose

    • Suits Thumper MKII and Thumper MAX

    • 4m additional reach

    Excl GST
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7 Item(s)